6 thoughts on “Affordable housing for low-income Seniors

  1. I remember Rona Barrett! She has a wonderful housing foundations for seniors. It's a crisis, facing the whole global world now. Social Security , was originally designed to be supplementary, but now, seniors r living on it, in retirement. In our twilight yrs, we have depleted our stocks and savings, in many cases, and we usually have little or no family left. Housing is very costly now. Even if u have a housing voucher, u r limited as to where u can live. I'm retired and on Social Security, in Fairfield County. I reside in Danbury, CT. U can't move into Assisted Living, unless u have great private insurance . Medicare doesn't cut it. The wealthy areas in CT, and other New England states, only build a few affordable appts,or condos, for seniors. I, myself, have a housing voucher, but I don't want to live, in a crime ridden, or welfare neighborhood. It's very eye opening. My sister, was in an Assisted living facility, in Darien, CT. She was there for 3 yrs, in memory care, before she passed away, from Lewy Bodies Dementia. The Residence, where she was housed, cost 3700 a month. We r in a mess now, with housing. That means, all of us!

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