31 thoughts on “Tiny House Designed To Be Elderly / Disability / Mobility Friendly

  1. I want one! Not only do I want the house, I want the daughter! What a lovely arrangement…both mother and daughter seem like wonderful people! I would enjoy having a cup of tea with them. Thank You for sharing this.

  2. Remarkably thought out at executed. The 1st age & restricted ability tiny I've seen. Smart, thoughtful, loving. Wow- what a great daughter. Im glad 2know I can grow old in tiny- moveable home

  3. Omg! This is so nice! I can[t believe i missed this video, i’m on disability and a tiny home seems like a good idea but alot of tiny homes have stairs and lofts so it was hard to picture a low mobility/ disability kind home. Thank you for this!

  4. What an Fantastic Little Home!!! There are still people in this world that do take good care of the older Beautiful People, God Bless all of you, Amen 🙏❤️🙌🏻, I sorry Mature older People!! 😘🤗😂

  5. Whenever I watch tiny house videos, I wonder why we barely see any ones that are accessible for disabled and aging people. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this video, this is definitely my dream home!

  6. i need one of these type of homes yes i need something accessible place were bedrooms are on ground level. most tiny homes i could not live in. even some mobile homes and park model homes i could not live in for vairous reasons

  7. I love your home, and this looks like what I have been dreaming of! I would need cold storage underneath and the built in patio!!!!! The biggest blessing is family!!! I dream of living in a retirement tiny home setting!! Combined with Perm a culture and off grid!!!! I wish i could afford to have you design my home!!!! Beautifully laid out and just my style!!

  8. Independence at old age is so important. This tiny provides it in total. The daughter has planned it so well. Mother is really lucky. Life is beautiful there!

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