10 thoughts on “Ventas CEO talks coronavirus impact on senior housing facilities

  1. Today, I , Honey R Siegal Stober viewed this Debra CEO on Bloomberg or was it CNBC? 11.23.2020. Touting intersection Healthcare and Real Estate. I AM appalled. I and the alleged real unindicted mastermind of 911 are trustors BofA 1994 http://www.secinfo.com/drdbh.9qw.3.htm#1stPage Global debt with individual Security and Collateral positions in R's deposition 1999. Bank of Montreal scheme https://a836-acris.nyc.gov/DS/DocumentSearch/DocumentImageView?doc_id=FT_1020003668202 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6aSkCIIy7I

  2. Why is the corona only deadly to men over 70 who have pre existing heart conditions, bronchitus, lung cancer, no immune system due to chemo, and were smokers their entire life?
    Who would sell them life insurance?

  3. I"m sure this company pays CNA's 12 bucks a hour 😛 Have you ever seen the permanent help wanted signs on the outside of nursing homes..CNA's rotate in and out more than fast food workers. Probably 200 percent turnover. How about just only hire RN;s , pay them well and stop pretending you care about decent wages for all healthworkers.

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