37 thoughts on “Amazing Japanese Retirement Home and Senior Living that You Will Want to Live in Now

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  2. This concept is very nice. But in the USA it would cost an arm and a leg for someone to live in a community like that. Here you either have family who you live with and takes care of you, have a lot of money and go into a nice senior community, or go into an assisted living facility and live a horrible life. Those are the choices here in the USA.

  3. I really like how they have incorporated the whole community and have procedures set in a way that residents can take part and provide for each other as much as they can in a healthy practice. I will try to learn from this as I live nearby I college that specializes in healthcare and the college hospital. None of the facilities in my area have attempted any program with students.

  4. My 80 year mother is in a nursing home and my sisters refuse to visit her. During part of the pandemic, after my office closed, I visited my mother almost everyday. My sisters basically refused to visit my mom. I begged them to come via my brother law, telling them my mother was becoming depressed and crying at times, wondering why her daughters would not come. One of my sisters did come a couple of times, the other would not come at all. I imagine them just waiting for that phone call informing them my mother passed away; welcomed news for evil daughters. I visit my mother every weekend letting her know I will be there for her; she's the only person in this world that I love. I despise my sisters.

  5. All the Assisted Living facilities I visited while deciding on a place for my mother were not like this. All of them were just small apartments for the elderly to sit in until meal time. No stores, no animals, no where to take a walk safely. Just sit in your room.
    I would move my mother to Share Kanazawa if it were here.

  6. Wow, i was so engaged and intrigued. I live in AZ and there is so much space to create a community like that. It is tragic we have the history we do for taking care of our Elderly. Our communities are ready for this type of arrangement bc the crisis exists.

  7. Amazing!!Really does not surprise me because the Japanese culture is always thinking ahead of other countries. Very good concept for America 🇺🇸 if someone could get it started. Bravo 👏

  8. Why all seniors and disabled aren't treated this way throughout the world is sad… I want to move there… The language is so soothing when they talk low… Thanks for the post (2 years later)…

  9. Ikigai is the missing ingredient in all senior housing communities I’ve seen. Lives spent raising children and building careers lose focus once children grow and careers end. Senior housing has become a warehouse system for discarded elderly. The nicer ones are simply gilt cages with the same failures. What’s missing is purpose — how do you restore a sense of purpose in life once children have grown and you’ve retired? It requires out of the box thinking. This is one of the first communities designed out of the box that begins to address those issues. The other element missing from virtually every senior housing project is inspired design. Design, at its best, inspires. Instead, the height of design in senior living seems to be leftover plans from the last Courtyard by Marriott. This developer clearly embarked on this project determined to address Ikigai and uninspired design in senior housing. Kudos on a major step forward.

  10. This is a GREAT PROJECT before the chinavirus PLANdemic geared towards killing the elderly and depopulation of the planet, among other goals of the evil globalist elite. Yet life goes on and projects like this should continue. GOD BLESS.

  11. this is an amazing concept… this type of care is needed in America … respect, kindness, learning and care for each other is needed I am amazed at the concept of this way of living … very well done. god bless you all

  12. I am covered with goosebumps and feeling teary. I cannot state how strongly I love this concept. It's beautifully rendered. I am 60 and my friends and I often have conversations about what we'd like to see with regard to community living in our wisdom years. I am most definitely going to share this video with them. Thanks so much for sharing it!

  13. What a lovely concept ! This is what is missing from many senior living resorts – that you have just the elderly all around, no youngsters. This model takes care of that! The elderly and the young – they both need each other.
    It would have been nice if they'd shown the interiors of one of the residences where the seniors live.

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