10 thoughts on “Common Senior Health Problems

  1. Take the red pill

    Age has never been the issue 🤣

    Its a lifetime of consuming shit that doesn't belong in our bodies to begin with…

    The masses don't like to read or think critically because if they did they would come to conclusions & if that were the case they'd have to make changes & the masses don't like change…

    There are millions of species on this planet, they all have their own food that they naturally are inclined to eat

    We aren't the exception…

    We are the only species that eats indiscriminately & creates things that don't exist in nature

    High water content fruits & leafy greens are our perfect food but we still need to drink water as well

    The arrogance to think we can improve on nature…

    In nature all these bullshit diseases that we as humans have such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes, etc; they don't exist

    Humans, domesticated animals, & laboratory animals are the only animals that suffer from similar diseases


    Because we eat things that are dry & devoid of any water content

    Lets think critically hmmm

    Putting “food" in our bodies that is dry hmmm that makes our body generally dehydrated over time…

    Think about it, imagine that what you put in came out just as hard, that shit would hurt🤣

    Your body is using water to help push all that stuff out or most of it anyway…

    Overtime a build up occurs in the body & the average person 20 yrs or older is walking around with I believe 10 to 20 pounds worth of dried up putrified shit in their small intestine

    The only way to get that shit out of the body is with a 21+ day water fast & supervised by someone who knows what they are doing

    Otherwise you will not be properly hydrated to pass the old material through

    After completing the 21+ day water fast it is critical to eat optimally otherwise you will create all the same issues again over time

    All this is undeniable & as clear as 1+1=2 for anyone willing to do the research & make changes to see the results

    If you are committed to your health checkout Loren Lockman; no he is not a doctor…

    What planet do you live on???
    You are aware doctors prescribe toxins that get rid of symptoms but never heal the body right???

    Only the body heals the body…

    Look to nature & you'll see that any animal when sick enough or severally injured will stop eating

    Because nothing takes up more energy in our bodies than the act of processing food through our system

    When you stop eating you liberate energy in your body for it to start cleansing & healing…

    When you feel “hungry" that is your body beginning to do some type of cleansing, of course it isn't going to feel good…

    Your body is breaking down toxins & now they are circulating in your bloodstream, of course that isn't going to feel good…

    This happens as well when you begin to only eat high water content fruit because you are liberating a lot more energy by eating real food devoid of toxins

    Give it a couple weeks & you will no longer experience that all to familiar feeling of “hunger"

    Notice an increase in mental clarity & more energy

    Say goodbye to catching a cold, that shit won't happen when you eat optimally

    Analogy: You don't put the trash outside your home, the garbage man doesn't come right???
    Same shit with your body, you don't eat trash, you don't create the environment for diseases to manifest & thrive let alone ever having to worry about catching a cold again

    The problem has always been the terrain hence your body not germs & all that BS

    When you heat food past a certain temperature, I believe it is 109 degrees fahrenheit, you create acrylamide & many other toxins some of which we haven't even discovered

    The masses don't realize the severity of this, pay attention when you go to restaurants they have a warning label about acrylamide, some of them anyway

    It won't kill you right away just give it some years though…

    When we get a cut or any type of injury the body goes into glucocytosis, it produces white blood cells & sends them to the site of injury to begin repair

    Well guess what?
    Doctors say this occurs without fail with the exception of when we eat.
    Oh the body also sends white blood cells specifically only to our digestive tract when we eat for no reason

    The body doesn't do anything for no reason…

    It sends white blood cells specifically to the digestive tract reacting as if has been poisoned, but only because it has been poisoned

    The body also raises the temperature because white blood cells work harder & better under higher temperatures

    So technically you go into a mini fever everytime you eat things that don't belong in the body

    Summers won't be anywhere near as bad when you eat optimally because you aren't in constant glucocytosis hence mini fever

    It is funny now when people say is it hot or is it just me?
    It is just you🤣

    After eating optimally for at least a month try eating a hamburger, fried chicken, even peanuts & you'll literally work up a sweat that you otherwise would have not as well as a noticeably excessive runny nose…

    This doesn't occur when we eat what we are designed to eat…

    Say goodbye to a runny nose as well when you stick to the optimal diet

    When we eat things that don't belong in the body the body creates mucus to cover the lining of our intestines in an attempt to protect it

    Hence the runny nose

    However the body isn't designed to be doing this day in & day out

    The mucus begins to harden over time along with bits of the food that don't belong in the body thus colon cancer becomes probable after many years

    When the immune system can't handle the influx of constant toxins it basically becomes a matter of immunity vs toxicity & when toxicity overpowers your immunity cancer wins & many other diseases begin to thrive

    We don't produce uricase which breaks down uric acid in meats, overtime uric acid builds up in the body & creates many issues

    Carnivores however do produce uricase & their digestive system is much shorter than ours for the rapid expulsion of flesh they consume so that it doesn't begin to rot inside them & produce issues for them

    Does a cow eat a lion??? No
    Does a lion eat primarily gras? No

    Humans have their own natural food as well, we all are designed to eat the same, you are not a lion, while I am human

    Everybody isn't different, everyone is simply at different levels of toxicity
    Example: Some obese person on the Morgon Spurlock diet switchs to the Subway diet. Now this person will proclaim that Subway is the ultimate diet.

    NO wrong, by consuming subway this person liberated more energy in the body by not weighing it down by using so much to digest the over processed crap from the Morgan Spurlock diet

    BTW notice how Morgan Spurlock works up a sweat while eating McDonalds in the Documentary🤣

    Do you instinctively salivate over the sight of a Buffalo, Cow, or a deer??? No because we aren't designed to consume that…



    It is theorized that we are able to see color in order to be drawn to fruits…

    The intelligence of the body is amazing, it will begin to deposit acidity from the foods that don't belong in the body into the bones, joints, etc over time causing aches, pains, brittleness, & maybe eventually arthritis

    Fruits are alkaline forming, so when we eat otherwise the body says damn I can't let the contents of the blood become acidic otherwise I'll die so it chooses the lesser of two evils by dumping the acidity into our bones & joints

    Anyways that is all, damn rant🤣

    Anyone interested, don't take it from me do your research, be willing to make changes, & I highly encourage you to check out Loren Lockman

    21+ day water here I come someday soon!

  2. Isaiah 65:20 – No child will die in infancy; everyone will live a very long life. Anyone a hundred years old will be considered young, and to die younger than that will be considered a curse. Also John 3:15, 1John 5: 11,13, John17;3 all promise ETERNAL LIFE for believers in Jesus.
    Acts 2: 38 – Repent & be water baptized for the forgiveness of sins and for the gift of Holy Spirit.
    Mark 16:16 – The person who believes and is baptized is saved ; the person who believes not is condemned.

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