One thought on “The Future of Senior Housing

  1. I moved into a senior housing apt complex at age 62 for financial reasons.
    Rents in my community are outrageous !

    Most of my neighbors are in their 80s and 90s.
    I have never really enjoyed being around elderly people.

    People who don't bathe.
    Dementia and forgetfulness.
    Fire from forgetfulness.
    Frequent deaths. Here one day gone the next.
    Frequent trips to the hospital.
    Lots of grandma stuff everywhere….nic nac heaven.
    Persons still driving that should give it up.

    I basically live in my apt and my life is outside of the building.
    I want limited interaction with my neighbors.

    Younger seniors need to be aware that moving to senior housing is very much like
    moving into a care home.

    Think twice before you move into senior housing.

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